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Info / Rules
DatesAugust 23rd 1:00pm EDT - Preliminaries
August 24th 6:00pm EDT - Semi-finals & Finals
Prize Pool$1,500 & a seat in Blizzard's North American Qualifier tournament.
Who may enterYou! This is an open tournament. NOT an invitational. Everyone may compete!
Tournament styleSingle-elimination bracket style tournament.
All rounds are Best-of-Five except finals which are Best-of-Seven
Deck rulesPlayers are limited to three pre-submitted decks for the tournament. In each round, winning deck must be played again, losing deck is eliminated for that round.
How to play
  1. Register using the form to the left.
  2. Submit your decks at any time using the "Decks/Profile" link once you are registered/logged in.
  3. On the morning of the tournament, double-check your deck lists and then check-in to the tournament. Once you check-in, your decks are LOCKED for the duration of the tournament.
  4. Wait until the tournament start time.
  5. Go to the Bracket page and determine your opponent.
  6. Play a best-of-5 match with your opponent.
  7. Report the outcome of the best-of-5 using the form on the Bracket page.
  8. Winners, return to step 5.
  9. Losers are out.