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Hearthstone Open Tournament News

24-hour gaming marathon by a close friend

Thursday, October 23rd. 5:58pm

Hearthstone community,

Monarch here, you may know of me from various YouTube videos (StarCraft Dance, Who is Artosis, Crocolisk is OP...etc) or from the StarCrack Podcast where we were the first to host a fictional StarCraft tournament with adult film star Mia Rose. Also, (somewhat related) was involved in the Pizza.GG (scandal?) when I managed the for Papa Johns social media account (that's another story though).

This weekend I'll be playing Hearthstone for 24 hours in support of Children's Miracle Network and the Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children here in Orlando FL. I'd very much appreciate your support as it's for a great cause. Some people do athletic ventures to raise money for charity, others game!

In addition, I'll be playing in the BIG $200 Empeopled.com Open Saturday afternoon if I can keep my eyes open. Please take a moment to look at the cause and if you think it is worthwhile, please donate some of your time or money towards my effort.

Extra-Life.org participant page

Twitch Stream

Thank you!


Arena style Hearthstone Tournaments on the way!

Monday, October 20th. 9:12am

Ever wanted to try an arena deck in a hearthstone tournament? It's coming. I'm developing a special style of tournament where players will draft an arena-style Hearthstone deck before the tournament starts.

Drafts will consist of only your own cards (since there's no possible way I can give you the cards you draft). And no cards will be presented that you would not be able to add to your constructed deck. For example, if you have 2 fireballs, you will not be able to get a 3rd. In addition, if you don't have any of the 3 cards presented, you will always have the option to select a random basic card.

Look for the first arena-style Hearthstone tournaments to come online soon. Development is progressing rapidly.


The BIG $200 Empeopled.com Open Hearthstone Tournament

Friday, October 17th. 7:11am

I'm pleased to be partnered with Empeopled.com and their amazing developers and administrators. The team over there has worked hard to bring you this tournament and I'm proud to be the one hosting the back end on my end.

If you've played in many of the hearthstone tournaments here at HearthstoneOpen.com, then you've probably run into a few of the regulars that participate.

Take a moment to sign up for the tournament, and check out empeopled.com's website. They have a friendly and active Hearthstone community there and it would be worth a few minutes to really check them out.

Good luck in the BIG $200 Empeopled.com open tournament next week!

Introducing the first Wacky Weekend tournament

Thursday, October 9th. 5:16pm

We're going to try something different out here and add an additional tournament to the weekly schedule. Every week this tournament will have some sort of deck rule that will force players to think outside the box.

Because these aren't traditional games, we want them to be quick and fun, so all rounds for the Wacky Weekend tournaments will be Best-of-1 matches and players will only be able to play a single deck with no changes between rounds.

The first week, we'll be restricting decks to cards that have an even numbered mana crystal cost only. If it costs an odd number amount of mana, you can't add it to your deck for this tournament.

Check out the detailed rules by clicking on the tournament name in the list on the right.

Waiting for a tournament to start?

Sunday, September 28th. 10:11am

Check out DraftKO, an entirely new 4v4 Team Hearthstone ladder to escape the solo ladder grind.

Teams of 4 match up against each other where they take turns drafting from the available pool of Hearthstone classes. Once a class is drafted, it is removed from the pool. At the end of the draft, each team will have drafted one unique class.

After the draft, teams compete by playing best-of-1 matches in a knock-out style format. The winning player stays and keeps the same deck. The losing player is knocked out and the losing team must replace the loser with one of their remaining available teammates.

Last team standing wins the match.

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