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Hearthstone Open Tournament News

Last tournament before GvG release!

Sunday, December 7th. 9:40am

This is it! The last tournament before GvG is released. We have a $100 tournament for North American Players from /r/CompetitiveHS and their great team.

Coming up at the end of the month we've got the $400 LiquidSky Open where players will compete for a chance to play against Reynad and win part of a prize pool of $400.

Personally, I am looking forward to the new GvG meta and fresh tournaments to watch. Keep your eyes out here as I will be posting the latest and best data on which cards are being used successfully in the tournament scene.

Big weekend for Hearthstone Tournaments!

Friday, November 28th. 9:42am

This weekend HearthstoneOpen.com is hosting two big tournaments for the community.

On Saturday, Empeopled.com is throwing their 3rd big Hearthstone tournament. This particular event is for North American players and is a traditional-style tournament. The prize pool is $200. In this tournament, each player submits 3 decks before checking into the tournament. Players play a best-of-3 match against their opponent. The winner of each game must repeat the same deck, the loser must change to one of their other three decks. At the quarter-final mark, remaining matches are best-of-5. ANYONE may compete in this tournament, all you have to do is sign-up with empeopled.com (super-easy process) and then follow the check-in steps on this website!

Sunday, the /r/CompetitiveHS sub-reddit series put on by reddit's competitive community continues! This tournament is for European players and is also open to the general public. Just visit the sub-reddit for details. The prize for this tournament is $100 winner-take-all for first place along with some sub-reddit flair for first and second place. This tournament in the 4-part sub-reddit series is an Arena-Draft tournament. That means that competitors will build a deck using an arena-style drafting tool on this website. The arena-draft deck builder operates a lot like the Hearthstone Arena drafter but with a couple significant differences since the decks need to be constructed before play, such as never offering a card if you already have 2 in your deck. In addition, since not everyone has every card, there is always an option to take a "Random Basic Card" which will allow even the most novice player a chance to compete. This style of tournament requires that every player plays the same deck throughout the entire tournament.

Hope to see a lot of new players this weekend, and happy holidays!

Two Weeks of ELO Report

Tuesday, November 25th. 7:58am

We have two weeks of ranking reports now and we're starting to see some clear results.

The result is this: Top players win consistently. Poor players are consistently out in the first or second round.

You can back-trace this data too. Look at the top 10 list of Arena and Traditional style tournaments. How many of those names do you see at the top of the prior winners list from before the ranking system went into effect?

I see mharris, WowAmazeClap, Keyo, Nevermore, and probably more that I missed with just a cursory look.

My gut feeling at this time is that if you play in at least three tournaments, you will end up with a pretty accurate assessment of your real relative ranking at tournament play.

ELO Ratings Start Today!

Sunday, November 9th. 8:23am

Previously, whenever you played in a tournament, you were randomly seeded and you started fresh with nothing to play for except for whatever prize was being offered.

Now, a new reason to look for wins. From now on, every player will be rated according to a standard ELO system. After a week or two, brackets will be seeded by ELO rating rather than randomly. Players will have separate ratings for Arena-Draft style tournaments and traditional style tournaments.

An ELO rating works like this: Every player starts out with a rating of 1000. If you win a match, your rating will go up. If you lose a match, your rating will go down. If you beat someone with a much higher rating than you, your rating will go up a bunch. If you beat someone with a much lower rating than you, your rating will only go up a very little. The same with losing. Losing to someone with a much better rating won't send yours in the tank, but losing to someone with a much lower rating than you will impact your own rating a lot.

Thank you mharris717 for an awesome new feature!

Wednesday, November 5th. 4:09pm

So, one of the issues with running a tournament is players having a little trouble getting in touch with each-other. Sometimes this is because one is on the wrong server, sometimes this is because one just isn't around, sometimes for reasons only Blizzard knows, a friend request simply isn't going through.

User mharris717 took a lot of time out of life to help put together a chatbox on the bracket page which is a private chat for each and every match-up. This chatbox will connect you directly with your opponent in each and every game so there should be no issues figuring out how to get your games started promptly.

Thank you mharris717! You're a credit to the community.

Upcoming Tournaments
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Thursday EU Arena-Draft Tournament (18:00 CET) [EU]
Thursday, Dec 18th. 12:00pm
$400 Holiday Brawl vs. Reynad - Sponsored by LiquidSky.tv [NA]
Sunday, Dec 28th. 12:00pm
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